-Transcript from the November 14, 2002 Q&A at Florida State University

Ann Coulter transcript I
By Scott Editor | Coulter Analysis Archive
December 07, 2002

The following transcript is a Q&A between Scott and Ann after her lecture, "Liberalism and Terrorism: Different Stages of the Same Disease" at Florida State University on November 14, 2002.

The goal of the interview was to get Coulter to contradict one of her arguments. I used the embarrassing comments by the Christian-right and Bush's apology in response, and then compared them to Ann Coulter's article, Battered Republican Syndrome. In that article, she writes the rant, 'the majority of Muslims are peaceful' off as a liberal mantra.

Scott: Miss Coulter. You've done a thorough job (during the lecture) expressing how Muslim extremists are responsible for the terrorists attacks on the United States; not just on 9/11 but in the past few decades. Just recently, President Bush reacted to statements by Pat Robertson, and other Christian-right reverends who have labeled the Islam religion as evil. Bush had replied saying that the Muslims are peaceful. What was your reaction to those comments and why is Bush getting soft to the point of appeasing the Muslims?

Ann: No, no he isn't being soft or appeasing Muslims. What Bush said is what he's supposed to say. Bush is doing a great job and is doing what needs to be done to keep good ties with our foreign nations. The fact is, Islam in general is a religion of peace and Bush is right on for saying it and I think that's what people like about our president.

Scott: But Miss Coulter, in previous columns you have heavily criticized democrats for making Muslims their best friends. In one, um, (I couldn't remember the August 28 article "Battered Republican Syndrome") you've wrote that liberals have made a mantra that "the vast majority of Muslims are peaceful." How is that any different than Bush's comments? Isn't it a double standard how you think it's ok for Bush to appease Muslims but not democrats?

Ann: Um, no. First, that's not what I wrote. What I'm saying is that our country has an obligation, much of the world doesn't like us and Bush has been successfully getting his message across in an honest way. But I can't answer any more of your questions because there are other people who would like to ask a question. Thank you.

From here I had no choice but to allow the person behind me to get a question in. Notice how she never justified Bush's excuse for supporting Muslims vs. the democrats. She also never directly admitted that her best friends Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson were wrong for denouncing Islam as a faith. I later wrote the article "Christian Terrorism" in response to the anti-Islamic preaching; the same preaching that Coulter justified Bush's apology over, but would not directly fault Falwell and Robinson for those statements.

I plan on getting an extended interview with Miss Coulter in the future; the next time I attend one of her lectures or appearances, although I doubt she'd ever grant me a complete interview.

UPDATE: Read our extensive review of Treason.

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